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Eating vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to eat boring, humdrum dishes.

Bodybuilding essentially calls for a highly proteinaceous diet and it is not a surprise that most opt for animal protein like fish, meat and poultry for the strengthening, but what about the vegan bodybuilder? Now, it is not uncommon to have a vegan dieter who is equally inclined on body-building, like Jim Morris or Amanda Riester, their protein sources are delimited to only plant and other veg sources of protein. However, with the proper nutritional awareness, it is possible to overcome the hindrances of lower protein supply.


Veg sources of protein

Veg sources of protein are ample, colorful and equally nourishing. Here goes a list of the top veg sources of protein:

  1. QUINOA – This grain is a miraculous source of protein for vegans. It is somewhat like couscous and provides almost 8grams of protein in a cup of it. It can be consumed as breakfast or any other meal and can be made out into cookies, fritters or casseroles.
  2. TOFU – Tofu is an ideal plant protein as even half a cup has the power of 46grams of protein. Added to the rich sources, it encapsulates omega-3 fats which are perfect as a substitute for meaty-meals.
  3. NUTS –  Be it almonds or cashews, this plant-protein is one of the greatest amongst the Veg sources of protein. One ounce of almond would easily provide 6gms, while same amount of cashews would deliver 4gms of protein. It has healthy fats as well as Vitamin-E too. Unsalted nuts can be munched anytime without worries.
  4. CHIA – This seed, Chia has been reinvented as it has attained immense glory as it boosts at least 4grams of protein in just 2spoons. These seeds are wonderful thickening agents in baking too.
  5. LENTILS – A half cup of legumes or lentils would provide you with at least 9grams of protein, and it is an excellent veg source.
  6. RICE & BEANS – when combined together it creates a perfect diet, equal to meat protein.
  7. PITA & HUMMUS – Hummus and Pita when taken in just a little amount, like one bread and 2 spoons, would help you to have 7 grams protein.
  8. PEANUT BUTTER – What could be better than this yummy source of protein, having a great deal of amino acid store.
  9. EZEKIAL BREAD – This bread is great for consumption, as it has all the vital amino acids. Mere 2 slices would give out 8grams.
  10. BUCKWHEAT –  Just one cup of it can give you 6grams of protein.

These great Veg sources of protein are ideal for fulfilling a vegan builders dreams.

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