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Diet pyramid for losing weight

Weight loss has been a constant preoccupation for most people out there. We all tend to prefer the skinnier look and love to feel in shape. It is also a basic necessity to maintain an ideal body weight for proper health-functioning. 

Every sort of food is not apt for our diet as that extra cheese, delicious buttery breads and that dollop of gooey goodness can really result in a bulging tummy. So fitness fads are immense and it is an absolute compulsory thing to abide by strict diet plans in order to have a healthy life and living.

What is a diet pyramid?

To initiate a perfectly harmonized diet intake, one must chart down, with proper medical and nutritional sanction a fabulously effective food-pyramid. Basically the job of the pyramid would be to tone down unwanted fat intake and incorporate more nutrition.

However, it is to be noted that fat should not be totally shunned as it has its own goodness too. Formed in a pyramid structure, the base being the broadest induces cereals or whole-bran while the upper ones constrict intake of fattening meats or dairy products without any skimming.

An ideal example of a food pyramid-

There are variant factors that determine the pyramid classifications, especially age, sex, targeted amount of weight loss, presence of any ailment; allergenic propensities are to be kept in mind. A person of certain weight should target the overall calorie intake intended and then only should chalk out the plan.

e.g. – Someone who decides to lose 50pounds can target 1810 calories of food consumption by forming a pyramid of:

  1. 8 servings of water forming the heavy bottom
  2. Whole wheat breads up to 6 pieces, giving 420 calorie, OR 120calories of Spinach pasta.
  3. Vegetables having 80cals of energy or fruits like apricot and grapes, forming 200cals.
  4. In case of fish, meat, poultry and dairy products, steamed shrimps or 3cups of skimmed milk dishing out 240cals is apt.
  5. Sparingly a little butter or oil is healthy and 120cals of fat, around 2 spoons of butter would round it off.

The motto is not always, less is more, but balancing is the key-factor for that toned, sculpted body.

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